Would we be good friends? (3)

Would we be good friends? (3)

This is a quiz to see if I would be good friends with you or not! I hope you like it!

published on September 12, 201445 responses 14 4.0★ / 5

Are you a vegetarian?

Of course!
No, of course not!

What's your style?

Cream colored shirt with an eagle on it, khakis, and sneakers.
Jeans, a hot pink shirt, and suede boots.
Tube top, fishnet leggings, high heels, and lots of makeup.

Do you enjoy music?

No! Ew!

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

In the middle.

Do you like to read?

Um, yeah! Duh!
No! Who in their right minds would read?

I know that this has nothing to do with the topic, but... favorite color?

Blue, green, or lavender.
Orange or red.
Hot, hot pink! Oh, yeah!

Do you hunt?

No! That's sooo mean to animals!
No, but my dad sometimes takes me with him.
Yeah! Hunting is awesome! Who cares about the stupid animals?

Do you smoke or drink?

Um, no?
Not really. At least, not all of the time. *maniacal laugh*
Yeah! Smoking rocks!

Believe in God?

No! Total atheist!
I'm Jewish/Catholic/etc.
Heck yeah!

Do you make donations to the poor/hospitals/animal shelters?

Yes! All the time!
I want to, but I don't have the money.
No! Who'd do that? They're stinky and messy and dirty! Ew!

How many things are on your Christmas list?

Ten or less.

What's your motto?

You only live once, so make the most of it!
Pay it forward.
You only die once, so don't take any risks!

Someone cuts in front of you at the Dunkin' Donuts line. What's your reaction?

*Taps them on the shoulder* Um, excuse me? I was in front of you.
*Timidly but patiently wait for your turn*
*Swearing, cursing, and stomping* GOD, I'M OUT OF HERE! *Stomp out* *Slam door*