Could we be friends?

Could we be friends?

How close does your personality match mine? Let's see if you and me would really kick it off together :p

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Which pet do you like?


Which of these sports would you play if yoy ahd to pick one?


How old are you? (or pick the closest one if you're none of these)

between 8-12
between 17-19
between 13-16

If I told you I like dragons, what would you say?

Awesome! I like dragons too!
Dragons are okay. All mythical creatures are kind of neat
Dragons are stupid!

What subject are you most compatible with?

arts or biology
math or health
english or history

Do you love animals and want to work with them?

No, i hate animals
Maybe. But I'm also looking for something else
Yes! Animals are so awesome

If you could play any of these three types of instruments, what would it be?

a brass instrument
a percussion instrument
a woodwind instrument

Which of these movies sounds most appealing?

The Blair Witch Project
The Blind Side

Does it matter to you what a person looks like on the outside?

Yes, that's how you tell if they're cool or not
No, I base it off their personality
Sometimes, I kind of go by both