What celeb would go out with you (GIRLS ONLY)!!!!!!!!!

If you wanna know what hot celeb would go out with you take this quiz <3<3<3<3<3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

published on June 07, 2012118 responses 30
What celeb would go out with you (GIRLS ONLY)!!!!!!!!!
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Out of these which is your fave.....

Oceans 11
Valantines Day
Justin Biebers Boyfriend Vid
The cheaper the dozen
Oceans 13

If you could choose what happened tommorow would you.....

Make your boyfriend turn into a werewolf
Go and rob a casino
Drive around in a fancy car with your boyfriend
Make a cute boy save your life and kiss you and then tell your boyfriend it was an accident

If the love of your life was dying or taken to prison would you....

Get a group of people to help you break in and get them out
Leave 'em
Cry and think there was nothing else to do
Go and save them all by your self and them romanticly and pashionatly kiss

What is the ideal date....

Anything as long as I am with my fellow
Sit round a pool with the guys dad talking about him when he was younger
Go out to a fancy resteraunt with your parents and him and then sneek of to go dancing
Escape from yours and his friends

Would you get married on/in....

a church
the beach
a boat
eeeerrrr a garden

Which song do you like best?

Dont care
'my heart will go on'
something romantic

Will you rate and comment on this?

If I get to marry the one I love after
If I get money after
Sorry what????