Which classic Hollywood actor would be your beau?

Which classic Hollywood actor would be your beau?

Ah, the silver screen! It's a fine art that's been portrayed by some fine gentlemen! Lets see who will make you swoon! Lights! Camera! Action!

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What's most important in a relationship?


What kind of guys are you most into?

The sweet types
The hardworking types
The hot types
The athletic types
The outgoing types
The brooding/artistic types

What's a turn-on for you?

A family man
A man who's kind of shy
A man who's charming
A man with power
A man who can sing
A man with a brain

What's a big turn-off?

Being a player
Not being straightforward
Being lazy
Guys who aren't comfortable with themselves
Guys who don't care

You meet guys...

At local functions at school, church, etc.
At random locations: coffee shops, libraries etc.
At parties!!!
At Work
Nowhere/ I'm mentally dating a celebrity or
fictional character
At bars

You would want a guy to...

Be your best friend
Treat you like a queen
Give you all his love
Let you be yourself
Sing to you
Always keep you guessing

Do you like guys with foreign accents?

American guys are for me!
Brits are the hottest thing ever!
I don't care as long as we're compatible!
Um... no? I need to understand him!
It depends on the guy and the accent
I like it when guys can fake other accents

Choose a movie genre


You like it when guys wear...

Button ups (with the sleeves rolled up)
I like them shirtless every now and then. No
Whatever they want. They don't have to dress
a certain way.

Pick a movie

It's a Wonderful Life
Bringing up Baby
Gone With the Wind
From Here to Eternity
Anchors Away
The Godfather

Pick a quote from the actors.

"[I want to be remembered] As someone who
believed in hard work and love of country, love
of family and love of community."
"My formula for living is quite simple. I get up
in the morning and go to bed at night. In
between, I occupy myself as best I can."
"It is an extra dividend when you like the girl
you've fallen in love with."
"I woke up one day a star. It was terrifying.
Then I worked toward becoming a good actor."
"Nothing anybody's said or written about me
ever bothers me, except when it does."
"An actor is at most a poet and at least an