would i follow you?????

would i follow you?????

i only follow people who i like! thats that for those who want me to follow them and they are nasty!

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are you kind or mean?


what do you think of me?

you have a good sense of humor!
you are a fat looser! OMG!

what is your favourite colour?

grey and black!

what is your favourite animal???

dog! yeah!

if i made a quiz for you, and you hated it, what would you do?

say its ok, i like it actually! :)
i hate it ill never ask you again! or play any of your quizzes!

would you be nice to me?

yes! of course!
nah as i already said, your a fat loser!!!!!!!

are you a kind female or mean male?

i am a kind female/male
i am a mean female/male

will you send me messages?

yes whenever you want!
nope i hate you!

did you like this quiz?

ya it was ace!
nah! i aint changed my mind y know!