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Yes" you're not Jim, Jim's not Asian".come one come all. Big or small.
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J. K. Paper Company
JK Paper is among India’s foremost paper manufacturers. It is part of one of India’s leading Business Houses - JK Organisation, which has a significant presence in Automotive Tyres, Cement, V-Belts, Oil-Seals, Agri-seeds and Pu...
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Make friends
Hi I'm betonia and I want to get to know all better <3 let's be friends. Sorry I am not so good with english.
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I'm a broken kiddo
Lol I can't believe I'm making a page for people who are broken and such anyways this is for people whom are deppressed, broken hearted, or just need people who are like them
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This is where you can find real life news happening in the world today!
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Lenny face appreciation page
All hail Lenny face! He spams forums and groups! (♥ᨓ♥) Lenny is nervous about starting a page but loves it
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Scratchers Unite!
Are you a Scratcher or a new Scratcher? Then join here to help us create global domination! ha ha ha! (jk XD)
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RP Page (Roleplay Page)
We do roleplays. Me and HarpyShades5 will do a lot. You should subscribe to this.
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Da Fazeclan
joyn heer if u r in da fazeclan wee rek thos titn n00bs and lil shits yeh ha joyn faze l0l
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my pictures
just good pictures to comment and like! hope I get followers for it! I post pics of places and animals and more!
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