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Meta Dating Guide
Meta dating is a digital matchmaking process that allows you to browse profiles and make connections with other people in an online environment.
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Machine Learning Dating
Machine learning algorithms are essentially sets of mathematical equations that enable continuous learning which give computers their problem solving capabilities - essentially giving AI an edge over humans in some scenarios
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Marble Hornets memes I find online
Well ladies and Gents (and they/thems), It's official, I'm✨MeNtAlLy InSaNe!!✨ " YOU BROUGHT YOUR DOG?!?!-" -Alex Kraile
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qfeast meeting page
where we talk about promblem we have with other so everyone join pls
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Dinner with the fam!
This is only for the ppl i tagged in my last comment. If you were tagged become a member :D
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Anime memes (1)
Here you can post any kind of anime memes. If you want even you can post here.
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Yuzu_Senpai and Jack Frost's wedding
This is the wedding for Yuzu_Senpai and Jack Frost! All is welcome to the wedding! Please bring gifts for the bride.
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Nia's Hot Takes
Just my opinions on civic or general situations that happen around the world. Subscribe if you want to see the tea (I'm hyping it, it ain't tea fr but if you wanna see my opinions then)
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People who speak Japanese!
only people who speak Japanese can join... 日本語の話者はこのグループに参加できます! これはとても楽しいでしょう!
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a page where we all act like our old selves
this group is for ages 14 and up and you have to have been on qfeast for at least two years. ??‍♀️
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Cooking club
It’s easy become a member Earn points Post new creations When you cook post it here ?
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This is a page for shamchatters to post some of the stuff they'd like to use! It can be funny, sad, interesting, or maybe even just a really good story! You can use this page to share your stories with others, or just use it as...
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Pusheen Food
Hello meowzers this is page made because I was hungry ????? Well...
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Dear, Whoever You Dislike.
This is a page simply created to do the deed of writing a letter to those whom you have a disliking for. Try not to be too exceedingly rude, though I love drama so, do whatever the hell you prefer.
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Internet Newz
This is about what's going on in your life but mostly in celebrity's and YouTubers lives and wat the new trends are hope you like it and you might get a job at Internet Newz and post things that are new trending or cool. Plus...
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Undertale Fanpage for all
You may add anything on here, just please make it Undertale related. Thanks for reading/subscribing/adding photos and welcome!
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Let it out (1)
I know that sometimes the best way to relieve stress is to tell someone your feelings and on this page thats exactly what you do. and once you have posted me or another qfeaster can give a helpful reply. Just dont lie to get at...
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Plus Positive
A page that has no drama, is worry free and offers plenty of support. Here people can talk to others that share the same pain as they do, where people can discuss topic without drama, where it safe to express your opinion. Here...
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Things You Wish You Could Change
Just a page about the things you think are unfair, and what you wish you could change about it.
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Things You Love
A page where you can post the things that you love to do, or make you feel better or good about yourself!
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