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The Devils Deal
A page for an ŕp I have set up. Join if you're interested, the first posts will be information on it. This originally was on another site, but not any more.
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anime betrayals
post pictures of anime betrayals. (this page is obviously a joke so don’t take it seriously)
1 subscriber 1 member by EmilyTehPancake
Not Arkstozka
This is my country. All are invited to become citizens, preferably after a short interview, but you could just walk right in here, too.
4 subscribers 1 member by ThreeBirds
Strange Quotes
Here is a page where you can post strange quotes. It can be either quotes your friends said, quotes you've heard, or quotes you've said yourself. MUST BE WEIRD.
9 subscribers 1 member by reino_blanco
Sonic Shipping Page! (1)
You can post pictures, write short stories, and RP about your Sonic Fandom's Love Life!
21 subscribers 1 member by Rainbow_Fluff
MuddyBuddy 101
The ultimate source of MuddyBuddy! Please do not hate or use bad stuff because I am six. Oh and ask me questions here I just wanted a cool name ;)
0 subscribers 1 member by MuddyBuddy
Would you rather???
Would you rather this or that? Would you rather have an endless supply of breadsticks (fresh and warm) or have a million dollars?
3 subscribers 2 members by Echo101
Best of Grumpy Cat
Everybody knows Grumpy Cat (or Tarter Sauce)! Post the best Grumpy Cat pics here!
2 subscribers 2 members by Echo101
Taste of Awesome pics
I don't want to write a description anybody who cares already knows it is a website with funny pics.
0 subscribers 1 member by Echo101
Munchkin Munchkin Munchkin Munchkin Munchkin Munchkin Munchkin Munchkin.
0 subscribers 1 member by Munchkin
Foxtrot Comics
This is my favorite comic strip! If you like it subscribe! - B~~~ =D .
0 subscribers 1 member by Echo101
Cool Water Sports
If you have invented or know about a cool water sport please tell us here! Water basketball, swim racing, etc. don't count. Please use your own sport.
0 subscribers 1 member by StormRider360
The Shield
The Shield is an anti-hater unit sort of like RBR but not because RBR can't stand for Shield. Please join so that haters will be stopped!
0 subscribers 3 members by Echo101
Melee Arena
Melee roleplay in the legendary Myth Arena! Create a character with the form below. name: looks: species: powers (3): Strength (0-10): Speed (0-10) Smarts (0-10)
0 subscribers 2 members by Echo101
Qfeaster News
I have gathered some of the best news that is fit to print! With amazing stories including people by the likes of UltimateBrendan, Celest_Stories, Number1Arianator, etc. Subscribe for all of it right now! Please no spam. It wil...
10 subscribers 11 members by News_Reporter
Make your own Toothpaste here! Toothpastes forever!! :D Dictionary definition of "Toothpastes": (n) a paste used for cleaning the teeth, applied with a toothbrush Awesome definition of "Toothpastes" (n) a nice character with ...
0 subscribers 2 members by Echo101
We are here!
The place for new users to be noticed! One of my goals is to follow new users and I believe others also want to! If you are new and want a few followers join this page! Anybody that has been on a week or less is allowed to join...
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My Habitat
I will post new things every day to entertain you my awesome Brendanators! If I don't post one day then I will make up for it the next time! :)
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Celest_Stories Fan Club (CSFC)
Celest_Stories is the best user on Qfeast! It seems that people are creating "so-and-so fan club (ssfc)" so I am going to finally get my lazy butt to making this page.
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Unlimited Random Awesomeness (URA)
This is run by UltimateBrendan aka Brendan "Crazy 8" Ezekiel-Grande! Hfsgewqhwe cwegcuecue wbyceywo mustard! Do you like awesome sauce? I do! Ariana Grande is perfect and haters beware! This is only for awesome people! This is ...
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