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An update or announcement from Azusa.
Hello. こんにちは、あずさです。It's Azusa. Castell and I sorted our problems out a while ago and I've decided to stop picking on him though I'm only making this so people can see this post.
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Please Help Me!
Have a problem with parents, boys, best friends, family, pets, grades, or anything else? Come to the Please Help Me page where you can ask for advice, comfort others, and describe what you've been experiencing.
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Growing up!!!for girls only
A page those girls who are confused about growing up and the changes in your life
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The Period Page
Hey everybody! This is gonna be a page where you can talk about your periods and if you've gotten, it if you haven't, if you do want it! I hope you enjoy!
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The Vegetarian and Vegan page
If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you must join this page. I shall admit you membership if you tell me that you are a vegetarian or vegan. I'm a vegan, and I know that LianaPie and KittyCupcakes are vegetarians. MEAT IS MURDER!
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