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Qfeast News Network
This is not official there is an official one but whatever. Okay have fun.
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Stock Market Game
The Stock Market Game is an online way to participate in the stock market without spendng money. This is a page to create contests with other people to see who fares best. Rules: Ask to join a contest unless the creator says yo...
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I will guess your future.
Ok..I have this special gift where I have dreams of the future I once told my neighbor he would have a beautiful wife. And a baby girl he loved dearly and his family would expand from him to a big family and it happened just te...
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Banana Rights Fan Club
Bananas are people too! They deserve to be treated properly! Join da club for fun, bananas, awesomeness, and MORE!!! Simply comment a request!
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The Airhead Army!  T.A.A!
This is the as echo101 calls it the "airhead army" its official now echo TAKE THAT! so now that its created lets talk about the ranks Generals/leaders Myself and Celest_Stories privates/commanders Quartz_Mudkip and Parabolic ...
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