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Creepypasta Headcannons
I have TOO MANY, oh, well, im bored either way so well see how long I do this!
12 reads 9 readers 1
El Familia Hombre!
Wie gut kennst du diese klassische Zeichentrickfamilie für Erwachsene? Übrigens habe ich Family Guy noch nie gesehen
2 responses 0
What do u think of me?
Plz be honest wit me
0 / 0
Who wanna talk? I am bored
I am just bored and was wondering if anyone wanna talk, sorry i am so tired that i can not think lol
0 subscribers 1 member
Who likes me?
I just wanna know who likes me
5 / 1
Can I talk to a live person at PayPal?
what was your favorite troll account on here?
there were all kinds of them (i was some of them) but what was your favorite?
3 / 3
who remembers the hamster lore?
i don’t remember all of it but im fuckkin baked rn and i was thinking about the cabbage situation i remembered something about these troll accounts and there was like a girl who had a brain tumor and then she ate her hamster an...
4 / 1
who remembers cabbage?
cabbage was this one account on here a while back that posted a bunch of cryptic out of context posts (AE: “pants”). there were many different variations of the cabbage account, including “dentist” “horse” “onion” and various ...
3 / 2
Are We Besties or Enemies?
Hi GuYs GaLs AnD nOnBiNaRy PaLs I AM FREAKING BORED ToNs Of LoVe -Zero/Grimm
13 responses 2
Map Of Miitopia
This is a Wikipedia inspired Map Guidebook on Miitopia's landscapes and areas found in the game. (WARNING: This Guide contains spoilers for the game Miitopia.)
2 reads 1 reader 0
How much is the cancelation fee in Avianca?
Weird characters that turned out to be really hot
The title explains itself don’t you think? Good because that’s all I can really say about it.
2 subscribers 1 member
Monster Hunter Stories Monsterpedia
This is a Wikipedia/guide inspired journal on the monsters encountered in Monster Hunter Stories (MHS)
12 reads 3 readers 0
Monster Hunter Stories 2 Monsterpedia
This is a Wikipedia/guide inspired journal for the monsters encountered in "Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin" (MHS2)
1 read 1 reader 0
The single people!
Imagine having a gf/bf lmao dkdhdbid dhhdbdhdh dindmsojs idk did dbiden
2 subscribers 1 member
What Killing Stalking Character Will Kill You?
If you don't know Killing Stalking is a BL manga. I will be asking you a few questions, then you will find out who (and how they) will kill you.
13 responses 0
Do you guys dislike me?
My friends seem to ignore me so i wonder if you guys dislike me
5 / 3
Do i listen?
i just wanna know because and ex friend said that i dont so please tell me the truth
6 / 7
How do I speak to someone at Avianca?