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So I just drank three bottles of soya bean sauce and sprite. Would anything happen?
Is that a bad combination or have a drink a little too much.
1 / 0 by cinnamon.snacc
Active qfeasters
Who's alive a lot of people are leaving due to either bored depressed their friends leaving the active qfeatsers must stay together just do anything I don't care as long it's not mean
2 subscribers 1 member by Firey_is_back
Zoroark: illusions of fate
Kesh is a Zoroark who lives alone and hidden away from all other pokemon and humans, until one day, his den collapses due to an earthquake, Luckily he survives, but one of his legs is broken and he is trapped under a fallen tre...
9 reads 5 readers 3 by AmazeStark
Which one is cuter :) ?
Tori Aesthetic
Koopa Aesthetic
10 votes 1 by oof68739804528927
personified qfeast
show your drawings of your idea of a human verion of the qfeast official account. have fun
8 subscribers 1 member by Aureospace
How well do you know keeper of the lost cities quotes?
In this quiz we will test and see if you really know your characters. Can you guess which character said what? Let’s find out!
4 responses 0 by Laury
What would you do if you met me in real life?
If you met me in real life what would you do
3 / 0 by hansedak000
Stowy tm
time fir a story time time fir a story woohoo time for for a a story woo woo
10 reads 5 readers 0 by oof68739804528927
What love one that you miss a lot. That a loved one passed away?
Tell me about your loved one that passed away. What Loved one do you miss. I miss my grandma
1 / 0 by hansedak000
NF people only
NF people only who have Neurofibromatosis. NF1 and NF2. Only people have NF1 or NF2! If you don’t then get out! This is a place where we can be happy together
1 subscriber 1 member by hansedak000
Piano Players Only!
Piano Players Only! If you don’t play the piano, then get out of here. This is a place where people tell what songs their playing and their recitals
1 subscriber 1 member by hansedak000
2 Truths and 1 Lie
Tell two truths but put one lie and people have to guess which number it is
2 subscribers 1 member by hansedak000
Middle Schoolers Only
Middle Schoolers Only! If your not a middle schooler then don’t come on here!
4 subscribers 1 member by hansedak000
Qfeast Incorrect Quotes
Basically an incorrect quotes page with Qfeasters. When posting a quote, tag the Qfeasters involved in said quote. And if you're not sure what an incorrect quote is, well... Have this urban dictionary definition: "An internet t...
16 subscribers 1 member by cairngorm
The greatest story ever told
There is absolutely no doubt about it. (Just watch, I'll get tones of people commenting stuff like, WoW rly)
14 reads 6 readers 17 by TanyaSkunk
Percy Jackson or Harry Potter (1)
Percy Jackson
Harry Potter
Can't decide...
9 votes 0 by Cherrokee
Save China from Shitaly's perv mind
This is a page dedicated to saving China/Yao Wang(Hetalia) from Italy's perversion. All China did was carry a panda cub on his back and talk about the sadness of not having a Christmas tree, and then BOOM. China: (talking ab...
1 subscriber 2 members by The.Ice.Is.Melting