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Jordan Sweeto fan page! :D
This guy has no description besides his covers, his art, and videos. Some of them including Wolfychu
0 subscribers 1 member by Sam_Stardust
What would you like the next quiz to be?
Lion king again
Warrior cats
5 more
4 votes 0 by Rockleap
Backstory of the lion king
Caution! The lion king is a well known topic but do you know what happened before and after? Find out!
3 responses 0 by Rockleap
What pride lander are you?
The lion king has been great lately Lots of characters Who are YOU?
5 responses 0 by Rockleap
Lion king quiz
The ultimate right or wrong quiz to see if you know the pride! You may know these But be nice! I tried!
5 responses 0 by Rockleap
Which danganronpa names connect?
so this basically i give you a first name and you have to type the last name. this is games dr1, sdr2, and ndrv3 btw.
1 response 0 by boo.ghost
Ask The Magnificent Sans!
Blue: Hello Humans! Karleen (Sam_Stardust) left me here for everything. So i'm in charge! I knew I was magnificent enough to have so many humans here that enjoy me!
11 reads 5 readers 3 by Sam_Stardust
Ask and Dare Baldi!
Any one can get the chance of asking or daring the teacher who is too obsessed with math! Lol he's burning in the pic
12 reads 4 readers 8 by Sam_Stardust
jul backstory
this is just me describing all my relationships from grade 4-now because bleugh
11 reads 9 readers 2 by boo.ghost
Ask Cuphead and Mugman!
The two brothers of Inkwell Isle have the chance of getting asks from everyone! (Dares are accepted)
3 reads 2 readers 0 by Sam_Stardust
Me and Dabi r Kiriboi and Pikachu man
so yeah i'm kirishima and they are denki that's really all it it cuz we are weird
1 subscriber 1 member by ShatteredDiamond
Spinel page
The Gem that started out loving and sweet, that became a rebel because of being alone, here's a now loved cartoon character Spinel!
4 subscribers 2 members by Sam_Stardust
Things that Jin actually said but seems like fake subs
There are only three words to describe the page world wide HaNDSoMe 😘🥵 Are we done qfeast.
1 subscriber 1 member by aurorae.mariposa
Caption this
Bo r k⬇️
4 / 2 by aurorae.mariposa
Corb hates himself part 5
Corb! Don’t do that!
Omg now he’s adding bara to the mix too
Stop it before people unironically enjoy that stuff you brainworms
We get it you’re missing your bf and frustrated in a very peculiar way
1 more
6 votes 0 by AbnormalDaysisCanceled
What was the scariest thing that has happened to you that you think is funny now?
I've had scary things happen that I think now it's funny! What do you have?
2 / 0 by Sam_Stardust
Drop usernames
7 / 7 by Cameron.Boyce
Who would you rather meet? (1)
Jason Voorhees
Micheal Myers
Freddy Kruger
1 more
8 votes 0 by Pj_The_Doll
I need someone to draw
One boy One girl First come first serve And I need a picture
3 / 0 by M.andrews1
What career path is probably best for you?
Ever wondered what job you wanna have when you're older? Welcome to the club. Here's a guide on what you might want to do based on your skills, interests, and desires in life.
10 responses 1 by vive_la_revolution