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My picrew
Just a place to post any picrews i make ^^ heh yep nothing else here! Words
0 subscribers 1 member
Auster's anime reviews
I’ve been wanting to write down some of my reviews for a while now. Some of the shows I watch will be a little bit disturbing. Spoiler warnings for some parts.
9 reads 8 readers 1
Kingdom hearts
Why not? Im bored so I'm making this page where i can post all my kingdom hearts pictures i find
1 subscriber 2 members
fnaf (3)
this page is for me and my friends to posts fnaf pic and everyone can join
2 subscribers 1 member
love letter
an experimental stream of consciousness style work, written for a lover, with his name on the tip of my tongue. do not read this it’s god awful and embarrassing probably
6 reads 6 readers 1
Which encanto character are you? (1)
All in the title! I'm addicted to this movie now anyhow so lets find out who you'll be!
11 responses 7
LesbieMates Dating
What's new in online dating, from lesbian dating to couple dating on the Internet.
0 subscribers 1 member
My characters (new book)
I'm remaking this so... Yea enjoy i guess. This is all from wâttpad ^^
86 reads 8 readers 3
How do you sleep?
Sleep like this
Like this
18 votes 1
Puedo hablar con una persona de Latam
do u think i would be a bad gf?
Tell the truth and do u think i would be a bad gf?
3 / 0
How to deal with a breakup?
i need opinions
5 / 1
Shifting hearts (fanfic story)
A story from wáttpad about my character and camilo madrigal ^^ hope you enjoy!
35 reads 7 readers 3
What do you like usertale and the dream smp?
And if so tell me who it is!
1 / 1
Open the image and what is your favorite line
0 / 0
Professional Subtitling Services
Visual Subtitling is a trusted subtitling company. Whether you're a video or an entire online course for Subtitling, we promise you the most competitive subtitling rates. We have language experts to deliver projects to your spe...
5 reads 5 readers 1
Gay Gang
exactly what the title says guys, GaY gAnG bItChEs Tons of love, Zero/Grimm
3 subscribers 4 members
What's your favorite song? (6)
Just tell me
4 / 2
Elliot's Funeral/j
Apperently he died while we where roleplaying so rip, send respects here or else your homophobic/j
3 subscribers 1 member