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What's Wrong With These People
"How does it feel?"Dad asks. Now we're in Demeter's home, she doesn't offer much help, I don't blame her. It's just been to much for her in one day. Dad won't stop looking at me, "Swollen,"I say. Dad jumps, "What?" I sigh he was obviously very deep in thought. "You asked me how 'it' felt, well 'it' is swollen and hurts terribly." No reply, just as I'm about to yell at him someone knocks on the door and Dad goes to answer it.
A doctor walks in, a woman with a small frame, possibly a half ...
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A Day In The Forest
Unlike chapter one, the rest of the story will be told from Azura's point of view

I look into my closet and grab a white,gold,and light blue chiton and my leather sandals.As I'm lacing my sandals I hear Dad call,"Azura come on,Persephone is leaving today and Demeter needs someone to comfort her."I sigh poor Demeter,"Coming Dad!"I holler.I run downstairs and grab some olive bread.Man next time I see Athena I have to thank her for inventing olives."Azura I'll wait for you outside!"Dad cal...
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Azura The Goddess of Life
This is my first story it is completely made up.I hope you like it sorry for any spelling errors.
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