Look what personality I've got! What about you?
I guess I can see that he used to like me because I have changed myself ALOT. Im weird, loud, and love to talk. On this one field trip to Camp Timer-lee we got to have groups and so he was in my group. Normally he is always teasing me and likes when he has my attention. He always says that I'm ugly and all those stuff. Because he doesn't want to admit who he likes. A lot of my friends say that " I think he likes you " and all those See More▼
Hmmm....your guy is a bit torn...
He is showing interest, but there's still nothing there. He either liked you before and is over it, but still has feelings every now and then or he is confused about his feelings with you. Make yourself more noticeable so he can decide. There is potential here, yes, but it needs some working on.
on October 12, 2017