This quiz will help you decide whether or not your crush is into you (girls only, sorry!) this quiz is for girls who are friends with their crush, who have never been in a relationship with them and have never expressed any of their feelings with their crush

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Describe your relationship with your crush

Just friends
Good friends
Best friends!
Yeah, we talk every now and then, only if there is no one else around

When your crush enters class, and there are three spots, one next to you, one next to his best friend, and one next to another girl he is friends with, he is most likely to take:

The seat next to me
The seat next to his best friend
The seat next to the other girl
Me, if there is no one else he likes around

Which would you say you had most in common out of these five things?:
1. Music, fave artists, fashion
2. Hobbies, dislikes, what you enjoy
3. We think alike, same brains
4. Nothing much actually
5. Minor things, like same number of family members, or same initials

Number 1
Number 2
Number 3
Number 4
Number 5
Number 1&2
Number 1&3

Who usually starts conversations?

Me, he is too shy
Him, I am too shy
Both of us
Me, I try to keep it going but he isn't really interested
Me, but he is really shy
Him, if there's no one else really

Do you guys talk a lot?

All the time! At school, texting at home!
Not really. Only if we are in a group together
Only when there are other people there
When he is bored
Yes, at school, but not at home

Is he touchy with you?

Yes! He hugs me all the time! He always tries to touch my leg or elbow, or arm or something! And he always flicks my hair!
Nah, not really. Only a hug occasionally, like at the end of the year and stuff
Yes, but I refuse to let him touch me
Yes, when no other girls are there
Yes, he does, but he does that with all the other girls

Do you catch him staring in your eyes?

Yes, all the time! And I look back and then he looks away
Yes, and he keeps staring
Yes,when he is in a flirty mood. He even winks at me sometimes
Nah, not really. Sometimes.

How do your conversations start and end?

Great, it's pretty chatty, but we sometimes go all deep and meaningful.
Always DNMing
We chat amongst friends
We barely talk. Only if he is asking about homework or something.

Do you talk/ see each other out of school?

Yes, we text, and go out with friends/ by ourselves all the time!
Yes, we text daily
Nah, not really. Occasionally, when no one else is available to text

Does he flirt? Does he look you in the eye when you guys are talking?

Yes! It's a flirting session every time!
Yes, but it's like that with every other girl
Never. He is too shy/ not interested

Does he compliment you and tease you playfully?

All the time!
Yes, but it's not just me
Never, or rarely

Is he ever mean with you

Never. He is always sweet and kind
Sometimes he is a bit rude.
Yes. All the time.

Does he do favours for you, like when you are carrying heavy books or a heavy bag. Or if you're cold, does he offer you his jumper? And does he hold doors open for you?

Yes. He is so sweet and kind and considerate.
Yes, but he is sweet with everyone
Only when we are flirting
He only holds doors for me to check out my ass
No, not really. Occasionally.

Does he speak with your best frends more than with you?

He only speaks to the, when I'm there
Never, it's only me
He only started talking to them when we became good friends
We are all equally spoken to
He is closer to my friends, more than me!

Does he open up to you and tell you secrets? Does he trust you? And vise versa?

Yes, we trust each other. He always opens up
He trusts me but I don't trust him.
We don't really share secrets. We aren't that close
I trust him but he barely opens up. It's only me

When he sees you're upset, does he:

Ask you what's wrong and comfort you?
Help you?
Ignore you?
Ask if you're fine then walk off?

If he sees you crying, he would:

Hug you and give you his shoulder to cry on and comfort you until you're better
Give you a hug and walk off
Ignore you

Do you think he likes you?

Not sure, no clue!
Yes! Everyone says so!
Sometimes yes, other times no
He flirts with me, but that's about it. That's why I am doing this quiz!

D you like him because of his personality or because he is popular/good looking?

Good looking

Do you think he would go for you?

not sure
Only to flirt and make out

Do your friends think you guys make a good couple?

Not at all
They say its possible
They aren't too sure

Is your crush a jerk?

No, he is sweet and funny and kind
Yes! But I can't seem to get over him!
A bit

Is he a gentleman? Does he respect you or just use you?

Not at all! He is gentleman 100% and he never uses me. He respects me
He respects me but uses me a bit
He has no respect for me
He is not a gentleman but doesn't really use me
He is a bit of everything.

Is it obvious you like him?

A bit
Not really
Not sure

Do you guys do projects and things together?

All the time
A bit, yeah

Do you think you have chemistry?

A Bit
Not sure
Only when he touches me and makes me feel special. Then when I'm not there, and he does that to other girls, then not really

Do you know him well? It doesn't have to be secrets, but do you know how he responds to situations, how he thinks, his maturity levels, his personality?

Like the back of my hand
A bit
Not at all
Very well

Does he know you well?

Not sure
A bit
Very well

Does he make excuses to spend time with you?

All the time!
A bit

Does he treat you like every other girl?

Not sure
He treats every girl the same
There's this one girl that I feel is my competition

Does he always try to make me laugh?

Yes! Duh!
Nah, not really
Only when we are flirting