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Who else has an Adventure Quest?
I made an adventure quest and I want to know if me and my friend are the only ones who have one.
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Anyone online
Hey is anyone online. Just message me or something.... I a lil bored.
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I need crush help...
I have a crush but I don't know if I should tell them or not. Me and this person talk a lot and I feel like they may be flirting with me, I'm not quite sure though. They are nice and they don't judge me. They are a perfect matc...
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What should I do? (5)
I miss somebody, who is my ex (I don't like him like that anymore). Me and him dated for a lil over 7 months but then he got kicked out of school so we broke up because of distance. Now when we talk he keeps wanting to hang out...
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What is one band that has changed your life?
Is there any band/singer that has saved/changed you? I know some for me are My chemical Romance, Black Veil Brides, and Demi Lovato.
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What is your favorite band?
I love bands... I'm bandsexual lol. I have so many bands that I love by, My Chemical Romance is my favorite... soooo who is yours?
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What is your favorite scary legend?
What is your guys favorite scary legend? Mine is Sally Stitch.
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What are your feelings about Valentines day?
Do you guys like the holiday or not.
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What's the best quality in a person, for a friend
What are some good qualities you look for in a friend?
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