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do you think i should make a resses fan club page?
i like reeses should i make a reeses fan club.if you like reeses comment if i should or not
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do any of you think i should make an advice page on friendship problems?
i am thinking on making a friendship advice page what do you think
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fill this out to make a divergent character
fill this form out so i can create a story for divergent name: faction/factions: age: traitor/loyal: iniate/faction born:
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did anyone like their valentines day gifts?
so i got tickets to see bruno mars for valentines day and i love him so yay. but what did you get and did you like it
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what color do you think best describes you?
do youthink you are a color well wich one do you think you are most like
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what should i accessories should i wear first day back from winter break?
i am looking for some cute accessories to wear first day back from winter break what?
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