Look what personality I've got! What about you?great quiz
Type #3
Sonic: She's my rival. Tails: She's like Shadow. Knuckles: THAT B**** TRIED TO STEAL THE MASTER EMERALD!!! Amy: She's like Rouge. Cream: She's so sad. Rouge: She's my best friend next to Alexis. Shadow: She's not as annoying as the rest. Alexis: Your and I are like the Gemini twins. You are so my best friend. Message me. ;). Julie: A little to emo but my cousin likes her. Silver: She's really quiet. Blaze:.... Jet: She won't talk. Wave: She only talks a few times. Vector: She needs to start talking more. Espio: She won't talk around everyone but if she's with me, Rouge, Alexis, or Shadow she can talk for an hour. Charmy: She won't do play with me. Eggman: She works with me sometimes.
on December 14, 2016