What does the Sonic cast think of you?

What does the Sonic cast think of you?

I have done some research that shows that they don't have a lot of quizzes like this, so I'm doing my own quiz like this.

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Which out of these three colors do you prefer?


Role play! Sonic&and everyone but Alexis: Boo! Alexis: Shut up I didn't ask your approval. Anyway you're on your way to the ice cram store because it's really hot when Sonic (accidentally) walks into you and drops a whole lot of books. What do you do?

Appologuise and help him pick up the books.
OMG SONIC I LOVE YOU!!! Sonic: Oh no not another Amy. Amy: What's that suppose to mean? Sonic:*hides behind Alexis*. Alexis:*hides behind Shadow*. Shadow: -_-. Silver: Dancing around like a lily. Alexis: XD
.... death glare Sonic and walk away.

Another role play. Your with all of us in a fair. You get lost and separated because you went to get a churro. (I love churros!~) Where is the first place you look?

I don't know some of the games?
The roller coaster maybe Sonic is there? Alexis: You're still creepy.
The ferris wheel. It's so fun!

Who would be the first person you'd look for?

Sonic or Knuckles or Tails. Alexis:*starts playing Sonic Heroes theme*.
Rouge or Shadow or Alexis.

Last question... do you like churros?

Yes they're sweet.
Not my favorite but they're good.
I love them. :) Alexis: Me too.

Lol okay not the last question. This is the last one for real. You and Knuckles get in a fight how do you take him down? Bye.

Hit him with a hammer.
Show him my gun. Alexis: I like you. >:)
Confuse him by running around him a lot. Knuckles: I don't get dizzy easy. Alexis: Oh really.*ties Knuckles and puts him in spinning teacups ride*. Knuckles: I take it back*falls on the floor and face turns green*. Alexis: I think we're going to need a janitor.