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Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios
This is Creepypasta, and yes, REQUESTS ARE OPEN! I only started with Jeff the Killer, BEN Drowned, Hoodie, Masky, and Slenderman. Just ask who you want, and I will try my best! :3 Enjoy!
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Sky's Past~
I am going to do Sky the Bunny's past on a different book. I don't know why. Just don't ask please! Thank you! :3 Oh! And the story is going to be based off of her Point of view! Hope you guys enjoy!
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My OC's ^.^
I have A LOT of OC's! So, I want you guys to meet them all! ^.^ Hope you guys like them!
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BEN Drowned x Reader (1)
Okay! I promised you guys I will write a CP x Reader! So each character is going to be on a different chapter! Hope you guys enjoy my (dumb) story! xD
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Why Me? (1)
Okay! Warning! This is made up/ real life! Okay enjoy! Hope you guys like it!
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