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For The Lonely Only
This page is only for the insane depressed and people who just don't give a d-amn anymore and other things. Come share the pain with others that feel this way
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The title says everything! guess the song... you can post some lyrics (you don't have to put the whole song just a few lyrics) and see who can guess it! I'll post rules every once in a while for new people to the page or for p...
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Cute wallpapers can be posted here. That's pretty much all this is about.
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song lyrics
on this page you can post lyrics or request lyrics for you fav songs :) :) :) (my 1st page :D )
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Broadway fans
A Broadway page for any theater fan! Whether you want to talk about new musicals like Hamilton or Heathers, or talk about classics like Les Mis or Phantom, it's allowed! Post fanart, pictures, reviews, links, and so on!
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Dog lovers unite
If you love dogs, then you are at the right place! I don’t like how Cats are taking over rn and it must be stopped! tOgEtHeR wE uNiTe As ThE DoG lOvErS
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Odd nicknames
haha bored again and wanted to see what some people get called. I Get called Pecky and Commie what do you get called?
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The Anime Fan Page!
If you are a fan of Anime come here! Any Anime is allowed. Enjoy and have fun! Remember no 'NSFW' stuff!
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Art Page (1)
post some of your art so people can see it! keep it appropriate please.
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Draw your self
I really don't know what to do so I am making this u can draw your self and probably other people to if u want
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Enough said. Talk about movies. I don't care which. There are no specific types. Just. Talk about movies.
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Never Have I Ever
It's basically the game 'Never Have I Ever' cuz dats wat it is. All you have to do is say something like 'Never have I ever stole something' or 'Never have I ever broken something and never told anyone'...If you want to answer,...
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We are here to talk about school. And school clubs. Talk about whatever y'all want I don't care. As long as it's about SCHOOL!
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Favorite Song Lyrics
This is where you can post your favorite song lyrics. Most of the ones I will be posting will not be very well known
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Childhood Stuff
Post things you remember from your childhood that make you feel nostalgic or just plain old, have fun
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Band or Orchestra members
So this is for band and orchestra members please no saying one is better that is mean
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Drama Group. (People with roblox only allowed)
This Group is like a group where I will put on a play, in ROBLOX, if you join this group without ROBLOX, make a ROBLOX account and I will allow you in.
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