I'm a nineteen year old girl who was brought up as a boy. I always knew I was never a boy and I got onto blockers at fourteen which stopped me going through puberty as a boy. I only See More▼
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Part Two - Next Day at School
I went to school again on the Thursday and told my two biggest mates, Blake and Robbie. At first they were completely silent, dumbfounded. It was like they were in total shock. More likely it was silent relief that it wasn’t happening to them. After all they would still be boys, and not just next week, but for the rest of their lives. Me being a girl by Monday still really hadn’t completely sunk in. It was going to be a journey I’d have done anything to avoid. This was way beyond my wildest d...
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I was a boy. I am a girl.
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No Turning Back
a teenage boy finds he is changing sex quite naturally and has to come to terms with the fact he's a girl
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