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Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies
If you have heard of this play, please join this page, tell me what character you were (if you have done it) and who you fave character is. Just basically talk about it.
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Harry Potter / Percy Jackson Fan Competition!
Hi! There are 3 choices of competition here: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson or Harry Jackson (a mix between both). They will all be explained on the page.
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Storibrooke High
NOTE: THIS IS A RP. Hi! Storibrooke High is a high school for the sons of daughters of book characters (I know, it sounds like ever after high, but its not). There are houses: Good, Evil, Rebel and In-The-Middle. You may choos...
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Robin Hood RP
I thought that I can't be the only person on this page who like Robin Hood. So I made a role play. There are already set characters (sorry), but you can choose what character if it hasn't already been taken. If you want to join...
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The Half Blood Society
Deep in the forest, there is a cave, a very big cave, were lives a group of Half Blood called the Half Blood Society! If you would like to join the Half Blood Society, please send me a request saying your characters name, age...
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