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Love In the Air(Alwaysthebest)
Valerie can never get Travis out of her mind!The only promblem is he's dating a girl named Becca and they seem to stick way too close together!Luckily,Valerie's secret angel Olyvia can grant her one wish!Now Travis is totally i...
56 reads 30 readers 8 by alwaysthebest
Purple Sky
Just as Jada thought her life was getting good it got bad!Now that her parents are dead she lives with her Too-Boring-To-Like grandparents and turns out to be a princess of a lost world in the sky!Now she needs to find her pare...
34 reads 30 readers 7 by alwaysthebest
Off With My Gossip
Kirsten is clearly a nerd but when she gets a chance to be the cute kinda gossip girls she turns it down.Now,her phantom is hauntinng her and messing up her life.Will Kirsten ever get rid of her phantom.Or will he be off with h...
37 reads 24 readers 5 by alwaysthebest