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How many friends?
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Who made the Ford company?
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Will Aleah talk to me?
Idk Aleah talk to me if you talk and your not Aleah I will be so mad and block you
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do you go to lincoln elementary/junior high/middle school?
I want to know if and Qfeasters are in lincoln? Ever heard of the Stinking Lincoln? Thats the School i go to. if you do not go to lincoln, dont awnser this. (Dont mind the photo)
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10-5? I am so bored so I am sorry?
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whos your favorite stranger things cast member?
I like millie (eleven) but Noah (will) is cool too
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Do you like unicorns?
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What is your fandom?
My fandom is Yandere Simulator! whats yours?
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What Youtuber Should I Watch?
I don’t know what to watch on youtube, so, what youtubers do you watch that you reccomend? I know of ItsFunneh, LarenZside, DanTDM, Popularmmos, and ashly the unicorn.
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Do you think the oujia board is real?
Do you belive in the oujia board? Plese do not turn this into the are unicorns real question, there was fighting.
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Does Jeff The Killer Exsist?
my friends say he doesn’t but he does in my opinion. awnser honestly pls.
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Should Roblox Add A Netendo Switch Version
im wondering what your guy’s opinions are i love feed back too!
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