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Lenny face appreciation page
All hail Lenny face! He spams forums and groups! (♥ᨓ♥) Lenny is nervous about starting a page but loves it
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Yandere RolePlay Read Desc.
If you are a fan of anime or yandere simulator, role play on this page, there can be at least two yanderes, you have to ask me, (YettyTube) if you can be a yandere, and there is only one senpai, and again, you have to ask me if...
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Yandere Simulator Fan Page!
This page is where you can post your ideas and your fanfiction and drawings on this page! and heres a reminder, dont email yandere dev! his most petpeev is the stupid questions and recomendations!
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Unicorn suport Group
To help deformed and regular unicorns. Team unicorn! Join and follow today! And it doesn’t matter your gender! We support all! Join today!?
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