My name is Yamezi. I can't remember my last name. I'm a tr0ll wh0 can't seem t0 fit in in society.
I thought I was gonna get Sollux but oh well
Kanaya Maryam
Kanaya Maryam
Kanaya is a jade-blooded midblood who's usually straight-minded and more of the foundation of the group. She's very level-headed and creative, with a thing for fashion and designing. Usually considerate and friendly towards her friends and mostly gentle, she is a henious chainsaw-wielding zombie killer by night, and isn't afraid to break out her butt-kickin' skills and teach some dudes a lesson when she needs too. Kanaya is extremely brave and vengeful despite her more dainty approach. she gets blasted through the stomach with a magic beam but comes back to life as a vampire so yeehaww
on March 11, 2015