Which homestuck troll are you?

Which homestuck troll are you?

Time for a legitimate personality test to determine which homestuck troll you would relate to best in comparison to personality! homestuck long-running is a webcomic on mspadventures.com, if you have not read the comic or know any of its characters, this quiz may be very confusing!

published on November 10, 2013446 responses 61 4.6★ / 5

What are some flaws that you have? (be honest, for the sake of the quiz)

Detached and impassive
Weird and rowdy
Aggressive and rude
Shy and quiet
Deadpan and creepy
Prideful and malevolent
Annoying and pesky
Bossy and snide
Testy and apprehensive
Bothersome and provocative
Tenacious and strange
Egotistical and asinine

If you were to have any animal out of the following as a pet, which one would you pick and why?

A cat, because they're sooo cute!!!
Honeybees, because those guys are cool and help out the earth
A baby goat, because those things are wicked chill, man!
A frog, because they're pretty easy to take care of, I guess
A fish or a seahorse, because they're adorable and so beautiful!!
A crab, because they're rock hard and sturdy, like me!
A spider, because they're so cool, duh??
A huge dragon, so I can ride it around and play with it all day!!
A horse or a pony, because... they're... pretty cute.
A moth, because I think they're really pretty and underappreciated
A baby bull or cow, because they're pretty cute I think! Right?
Ew, I wouldn't want any of these dastardly beasts as a pet.

If you were to be catagorized into a social class, which one do you think you'd fit best?

Meh, I'm not very important. Probably the lower ones.
Pfft. I'm the most important person I know. Put me at the top!
Hehe, kinda more towards the higher classes. Not too high, though.
God, I'd probably be the lowest. Not like I'm actually doing anything to benefit society. Whatever.
Not too high or not loo low, just in the middle!
I don't really care, it doesn't matter... More towards the lower classes, maybe.
Are you kidding? I'd be pretty high up there! Just look at me!
I guess I'd be around the middle, I suppose, but I'm not too sure.
I take my social standing very seriously, I would most likely be in the higher classes. I think.
Haha, that's kind of silly! I might be pretty important, but I don't care too much.
Uh, I'd probably be in the lower ones, I'm kind of inferior compared to my friends.
Man, I might be important, but I don't know.

How would you describe yourself on a regular basis?

Eccentric and overzealous, funny
Agitated and loud, a bit rude
Timid and quiet, mostly shy
Snarky and manipulative, bitter
Overbearing and friendly, a bit annoying
Level-headed and collected, questioning
Easy-going and mellow, tanked
Tentative and predominant, apprehensive
Arrogant and pompous, superior
Enthusiastic and favorable, almost hyperactive
Sarcastic and straightforward, imformative
Subtle and blent in, calm

You wake up one day to find that school has been cancelled. What would be the first thing that you do after your morning routine?

Take advantage of the time to plan out your wardrobe for the rest of the week!
Maybe play some Pokémon or some other cool card game?
Set out to go annoy and do some live action roleplaying with your friends!
Hop on the computer or laptop!
Run to the TV to watch some romantic comedies on Netflix!
Break out the DVD player and watch some Indiana Jones!
Start roleplaying with your friends and fangirl over your ships!!
Settle down and reread the Harry Potter series!
Get your morning exercises done!
Pretend your stuffed animals are deadly criminals and serve them justice!
Maybe plan going swimming or to the pool or some other place!

Your long-time crush calls you one afternoon and asks you to hang out. What do you do?

Pretend to be disinterested but say yes anyway, and when they hang up, flip the heck out and blush like an idiot
Squeal into the phone and tell them yes a hundred times!
Smoothly say yes and continue the conversation the best you can, joking with them a bit
Act unintentionally overenthusiastic about it to them and end up making them uncomfortable
Composedly tell them yes, masking your excitement with an uncaring tone of voice
Stutter like an idiot and start sweating buckets, shy and tentative
Stutter a bit in the beginning but become more collected as the conversation goes on
Uncontrollably giggle like an idiot into the phone out of joy and apologize repeatedly, unable to stop grinning for hours after
Reject them and hang up the phone in an attempt to seem cool, then cry about it in regret for the next week
Acting bored, say no at first but eventually agree to it in an attempt to impress them, then curl into a happy ball
You can't contain the excitement in your voice when you tell them yes and your voice cracks, causing you to become super embarrassed and hang up the phone

You wake up to your parents violently screaming at you to get up for no real reason, even though it's 7:30 am on a Saturday, and you like to sleep in. What would your reaction be?

Not argue or care too much and just do as they ask
Cringe at the harshness of their tone and quickly get up, almost at the brink of tears
Shout some sarcastic retort and begrudgingly get up
Scream at them to shut up and roll over, getting deeper into the covers with a scowl
Squeal at the harsh awakening and growl under your breath as you take a few minutes to get up
Sigh to yourself and do as they ask, but keep a grudge with them for a few hours afterwards
Smirk to yourself and ignore them, pretending you can't hear them
Cross your arms and refuse to leave the bed, then flip them off when they barge in
Attempt to reason with them from across the room timidly, not wanting to upset them, but get up anyway when they shout some more
Get up with a lazy smile and do what they ask, hungry for an early breakfast
Don't get up no matter what. You need your beauty sleep, and they are just mere muggles!
Hop up and look at the rude awakening from another perspective. You can go for a brisk early-morning walk or something maybe!