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Josselyn Bonilla
This is just for my friend, Josselyn and some oneshots of her favorite anime characters for her
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Logan Boyfriend scenarios
Now Logan is gay but if you wanna read and you’re a girl you could pretend all the ‘ He’ are ‘her’
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i just decided to write this story, for a oc of mine is a total bitch to everyone except her boyfriend and her ex boyfriend so-
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Catherine Drowned
Catherine just left the scene of a wedding of her best friend’s daughter wedding. She wandered deeper into the forest then...
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Scary Stories (1)
All of these stories are not mine I have got them off of the internet!
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Death Note: Matsuda x OC
Matsudi,Tori is a agent for the Japanese Task force, She has discovered Light is Kira,But when she is about to say something, She notices Misa has the eyes...So she can see her real name, That's when she quickly saves herself b...
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Anime Lemons~ ( Gonna Have 7 by the end of the tommorow)
Lemons! Sex! Black Butler Lemons,Fairytail Lemons,Naruto Lemons,Blue exorcist Lemons,Attack on titan lemons, and Diabolik Lovers Lemons! DM me a request! OH AND NEW ADDED LEMON REQUEST ACCEPTING DEATH NOTE! ( AND SOUL EATER ONC...
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Ben drowned x Female Reader Be my Gamer Girl?
What happens when Y/N runs into a certain blonde haired elf? When she becomes a Creepypasta things get even more weirder with BEN and Y/N´ś relationship. It´s a will they or won´t they...Your choice~
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