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Is there a Discord for Qfeast?
I was just curious if there is an active discord for Qfeast.
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FNAF Movie Trailer
So the FNAF movie trailer just dropped and I was curious as to what you all thought about it.
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What about Qfeast makes you keep coming back?
Out of all sites I'm just curious as to why you funky few keep coming back to Qfeast.
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Has Qfeast been botted?
Is it just me or are there bots on Qfeast now. It makes no sense how this site went from barely any new posts on the main page every day to all of a sudden 10+ quizzes being posted everyday. Quizzes that have no response whatso...
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Classic Qfeasters
I'm someone who used to be on this platform back in 2015 and I was just curious if anyone on the platform was around during that time or if any of you know users from then.
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