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What is your pet peeve?
Mines is when people always tap me on the shoulder and I look back, and they are gone.
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If you see somebody in the ground, scratched and hit...
Run and call...
Keep on hitt...
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A Friend..?
I Hid in the bushes.
Just hope that dog don't see me.
I covered myself in mud so the dog won't scent me.
I Was terrified.
But no, I'm not stopping.
I Might be a cub but I can still walk and run.
And I heard something else!
I Sniffed.
It smelled like a...
I Said "Who are you!? Are you one of me?
He came out of the bushes scared
He said "Hello???? who are y-you?
I Was surprised.
He was my size, small but he looked like he can run fast.
He was a bronze-looking color.
He was happy to see a ...
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Who is she/he?
The dog snarled at me.
I Snarled back.
But there was this hunter.
They said "SIT BOY!"
and he sat.
I was scared.
I Ran as fast as I can.
I Needed to get away,
But where?
Im in the middle of nowhere..
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I Got to run.
Im just small. I can't do this.
But thats the voice inside my head.
I can do this.
I Just don't want to.
I looked out, they were gone,
I Was sure of it.
I Ran out.
I tripped, and fell.
I Bumped my head,
I Felt a bruise in my head, but Im still not giving up.
I Sniffed the ground
Thats what my mom taught me. My dad taught me how to hunt.
I Just got to use what they taught me.
I Sniffed a mouse.
That was enough for me to eat!
I might have stubby legs, but I can still hunt with these,
But behin...
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Fox life
Its about a little fox named Sarah And she is trying to find her way in the wild But she makes some friends along the way. (Warning, Violence)
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Would you rather? (111)
Be a Dog for...
Be a cat for...
Or be Catdog-
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Science test (5)
Science test for a class and it will help you study for a science class.
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Science Vocabulary-6th
This science quiz is designed to equip the officer with formal knowledge of the vocabulary language associated with the course,
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