Science Vocabulary-6th

This science quiz is designed to equip the officer with formal knowledge of the vocabulary language associated with the course,

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alphabetical information
numerical Information
Vocalized information


information in the form of subjectives
information in the form of physical appearance
information in the form of descriptive, in the form of adjectives

Controlled Variable

The many factors that change throughout the experiment
The factor that grows through the experiment
The many factors that stay the same throughout the experiment

Control Group

One of the groups in the experiment that is left un tested.
The group that is tested the most
The group that is least tested

Manipulated ( independent ) Variable

The number of changes take place in the experiment
The one change that occurs in an experiment
The two changes that happen outside an experiment

Scientific Theory

A well tested explanation
An untested explnation
An explanation that discusses tested equipment.


information based on uncollected data
information you collect in an experiment, may be qualitative or quantitative
information used in an experiment to gather facts

Scientific Law

a paper that explains the rate something is changed
A statement that explains what will happen every the same conditions are present
A statement of facts and conditions.


A impossible explanation to a non-scientific problem
An unreasonable explanation to a problem.
A possible explanation to a scientific problem or question you have; educated guess

Responding (Dependent) Variabke

The end result in an experiment
The result that is not being measured in an experiment
The result that is being measured in an experiment

Scientific Theory-

The process of discovery in scientific ways that scienttits study the natural world.
The process of discovery in non-scientific ways that police patrol the world
The way the world functions