Hi! I'm SI! I'm 13 years old and love theatre, shopping (don't ask, it's a long story...), dancing, singing, skateboarding, taking quizzes, and talking/hanging out with friends.

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Ofc I'm emo, what else would I be? lol.
ur emo (hahaha, this will be fun...)
ur emo (hahaha, this will be fun...)
ur emo. emos are very emotional, sensitive people. u are very creative, love to draw and read. u wear tight outfits and band tees. bands like i prevail, the amity affliction and mcr are great bands to listen to (some of my personal favs) a lot of people think that emos are suicidal and are depressed, but thats not the case. however, when people say that they make emos feel misunderstood, which actually leads to depression, which leads to suicidal thoughts. (i've been there, done that, still going through it now.) ur personitly is quiet, u probably have acouple close friends, if u don't try to go to emo nite. u also shop at spencer's and hot topic.
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Are You Emo,? (The Accurate Quiz - coming from an emo herself)
Have u been wondering if ur emo? And have u been looking for an accurate quiz to take? Here's the place.
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