Maybe you've got a boyfriend, and you're suddenly crushing on another guy. Or maybe two guys are letting their feelings for you be known. Whatever the case, this quiz will help you sort your feelings out!

published on September 04, 20121340 responses 84
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Guy A and Guy B: substitute for the actual names.Which guy texts/calls you more?

Guy A by a lot
Guy A, but only by a little
Guy B by a lot
Guy B by a little
Both about the same
I don't have a phone
I don't have either of their numbers
I only have Boy A's number
I only have Boy B's number
Neither text/call me very much

Which one do you spend more time with at school?

Boy A
Boy B
I don't hang around either of them
Both about the same

Which one do you feel more comfortable talking to?

Boy A, Boy B just talks about himself
Vice versa from the first question
Neither, I talk to my besties!
They're both good listeners

What is your relationship with both?

Boy A is my boyfriend, and Boy B is my friend
^ Vice versa ^
Both are my friends
I didn't really know them till they professed their love for me...
Boy B is my ex
Boy A is my ex
Both are my exes
Boy A is my friend's boyfriend
Boy B is my friend's boyfriend
Both of them are dating other people
Boy A is single
Boy B is single
Both are single and want to be with me

Who have you known longer?

Boy A by a year or more
Boy A by less than a year
Boy B by a year or more
Boy B by less than a year
Just met both
Didn't know either at all until they told me they liked me
Known both for a year or more
Known both all my life
Known both less than a year

Which one, in your opinion, is better looking?

Boy A
Boy B
Both are really ugly
Both are pretty cute
Both are average
I don't care about appearances

Who will come to your rescue quicker if you need them? (To test this pretend your relative died and see who comforts you more)

Boy A is quicker, but Boy B is better at making me feel better
^ vice versa ^
Boy A is an expert at cheering me up
Boy B is an expert at cheering me up
Eh, they're both pretty good.

Who knows more about you?

Boy A, I tell him EVERYTHING!
Definitely Boy B
Neither know me that well
I don't really know
They don't care about me, they talk about themselves
Both :)

Do you know for a fact they like you?

Yeah, they both told me so
Boy A does, otherwise, why would we be dating?
My boyfriend, Boy B, definitely does
Boy A told me
Boy B told me
I can tell
I just have a hunch
I know these kinds of things
Boy A told me, and I know B does
Boy B told me, and I know A does

Which one has similar interests to you?

I have nothing in common with either
Boy A
Boy B
Eh, they both do, sort of
They're both just like me
I don't know that much about them

Which one do you THINK you'd rather have?

Neither, both are weird
I'm not ready to decide yet
Boy A! Definitely!
Totally Boy B!
I think I like A just a bit better...
I think B"s just a bit more my type...
How do I decide?!!!
I don't know, they're both so cute!