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That one page where you just talk about anything.
I need to put a lot of words in the description so I'm gonna type random stuff- oh wait that was enough words!
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My art! (3)
I make a lot of art, so... here it is, I guess... I hope it's okay... Maybe...?
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Coffee Base.
There is a war between tea lovers and coffee lovers, as you all know. This is the Coffee army base. If you want, you can apply for the coffee army, by posting a few reasons you should join. We need you.
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Strange questions!
Ask me things! Anything funny! You can dare me too. Also, challenges are accepted.
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My smol roleplays
Just a few roleplays I did. Some are weird. Some are hilarious. Some are curious.
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FNAF Thoughts.
Hey guys! I just wanted to make a page about FNAF, because I have so many ideas, and so, so many ships. Ennard's gonna kill me. So is Micheal.
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