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What Does Color Taste Like?
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What Do You Want To Be?
do you wanna be a lawyer? an artist? doctor? what job will you take?
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What is your favorite food? (4)
eh? EH?!
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What is the definition of your own word?
what if you made up a word? if you did, what does it mean? i wanna know :0
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If you only had one thing [read description below]
if you only had one thing to eat, drink, watch, and sleep on, what will it be?
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What is Life? (2)
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what is your favorite song from The Fat Rat?
i love all of the fat rat's songs equally. what is your favorite?
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what movie do you guys watch over and over?
what movie do you guys watch so much you know the movie by heart?
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what do you draw the most?
what is the one thing you draw more than anything else
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What do you guys think about voltron?
im a voltron fan what about you what do you think about voltron, do you like it, hate it, tell me! oh and btw im talking about the 2016 voltron...the legendary defender one
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