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Greek mythology
Pretty much a page for me to figure out a plot to a thing I wanna do I'll post about it here and stuff Taken gods: Orpheus, Eros
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Guess the character
Post either a quote, a vague description, or five emojis Make others guess the character Or something idrc or know
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Andrew and Anthony quotes of the day
This is just a page for things Andrew says. We swear he isn't high. I think. I don't know. And also things i say. And also things that we type. Aanything associated with us...
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Ant Arts
Um, my arts. Here, it all sucks. But I need a place to put it. Yup. Words.
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Ants r gr8
If you like ants come here, and support ants. Because ants are cOOl. Support the ants,
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Redwood circus
Welcome back boys and girls and non binary pals. Angel and Jack, just happen to be back. Oliver, where did you go? You know the script, you know how it grows. Now go, get on with the show!
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Proud of Myself
This is a page for everyone. Post about pride, or yourself. There is no hate on this page. Everyone can be themselves.
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I have too many pictures they are all homestuck. So here. Also I need more rep points, so.
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