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Should I upload my digital art, or paper drawings...?
Digital, Yes...
Digital, No...
Paper, Yes...
Paper, No...
3 votes 1 profile pollby PenguinMcGuffin
Which ship?
Bomb X Dark Matter
Wolf X Jaayce
Monster X Sky
Wolf X Scar
4 more
7 votes 0 profile pollby PenguinMcGuffin
Offenderman: Will you give me some love tonight?~
What would you do if i stabbed you... but you were still alive and i was hunting you down?
Run like a c...
Stand and fi...
Lay there, p...
Accept your ...
6 votes 9 profile pollby PenguinMcGuffin
Wolf: If i tagged you... What would you do?
Tag you back...
Run and tag ...
Idk... Stand...
13 votes 2 profile pollby PenguinMcGuffin
Wolf: ok i wll update my story and put whoever you guys ship me with the most...
Sonic.exe: I found you!
No you didn't! *wacks Sonic.exe with a pan and runs off* Sonic.exe: *Says in a drunklike voice* Wait for me...
Yeah you did... Sonic.exe: Good... *Kills you*
16 votes 6 profile pollby PenguinMcGuffin
Tails Doll: Can you feel the sunshine?!
No... Tails Doll: You will *Kills you*
Yes i can... Tails Doll: Does it brighten up you day?
Maybe... Tails Doll: Fine get back to me when you wanna answer me...
26 votes 25 by PenguinMcGuffin
What creepypasta would you date?
Jeff! Jeff: Great... *Looks annoyed*
Slenderman! Slenderman: Well uhh thank you my child...
Masky! Masky: If you really loved me you would kill Ticci Toby...
Hoodie! Hoodie: ...
5 more
39 votes 38 by PenguinMcGuffin
Hoodie: W-will you eat cheesecake with me?
Yes! Hoodie: O-ok *Hands you a piece of cheese cake*
No Hoodie: Fine *Kills*
Maybe Hoodie: O-oh ok... *Blushes and walks away em-barest*
29 votes 36 by PenguinMcGuffin
Laughing Jack: Want some candy?
Yes! LJ: Ok *Gives you poisoned candy*
No! LJ: *Kills you* Grrr
Maybe... LJ: Ok *Licks you with his long tongue* Hahahaha
33 votes 28 by PenguinMcGuffin
Smile: Will you smile for me?
Yes i will... Smile: Yay! *Cuts a smile on your face*
No... Smile: Ok *Kills you and then makes you look like him*
Maybe... Smile: Oh ok... *Feels awkward and walks off*
47 votes 50 by PenguinMcGuffin
Masky: Will you kill Ticci Toby for me?
No... Masky: Fine you die! *Kills*
Yes i will Masky: Oh ok btw Toby did this to me...
Maybe... Masky: Do...It...Quick...*Is super mad*
33 votes 70 by PenguinMcGuffin
Ticci Toby: Will you eat waffles with me?
Yes i will! TT: Ok here you go! *Hands waffles to you*
No! TT: *Throws an axe into your head*
Maybe... TT: Ok if you want me i will be annoying Masky... *walks off*
58 votes 59 by PenguinMcGuffin
Smile Dog: Will you spread the word?
Yes i will! SD: Good i'll check on you later to make sure you are...
No SD: Grrr fine you die~
Maybe... SD: No! Spread the word!
19 votes 12 profile pollby PenguinMcGuffin
Eyeless Jack: Will you eat kidneys with me?
Yes! I have always loved chew! EJ: Uhh thanks? *Hands a poisoned kidney to you*
No thanks i eat normal people food... EJ: *Stares at you* ...
Mabey... EJ: Ok i guess...  *Throws a kidney at you* Hehe... You: *Screams but catches the kidney*
20 votes 13 profile pollby PenguinMcGuffin
Slenderman: Who do you like more?
Splendorman! Splendorman: Yay! Im glad you picked me!
Trendorman! Trendorman: Then we need to get you OUT of those cloths and get something more your type! Wolf: <3
Offendorman! Offendorman: Wanna go out? *Smirks* Wolf: O.O Seriously?
Good old Slenderman! Slenderman: Thank you my child...
39 votes 76 by PenguinMcGuffin
Wolf: Will you be my chew toy?
Yeah sure.. Wolf: Good *Injects a parallelizing dart into you and then dissects you and eats your beating heart*
No thanks.. Wolf: *Glares at you* Fine i'll come back later *Growls*
Mabey... Wolf: *Looks at you blankly* Ill wait here till you give me a yes or no...
18 votes 13 profile pollby PenguinMcGuffin
Jeff: Will you go to sleep for me?
Yeah i would Jeffy!   Jeff: Good *Cuts your throat* Go to sleep...
No i wouldn't   Jeff: Hmm i like you you have the guts to say no...
Maybe...   Jeff: I like yes or no answers... *Looks annoyed*
42 votes 27 by PenguinMcGuffin
Ben: Do you like video games?
Yes i do! Ben: Normally i don't say this can borrow some of my video games *Blushes*
No i don't... Ben: You shouldn't have done that...
Sometimes... Ben: Well uhh if you wanna hang out and play video games just talk to your screen...
53 votes 65 by PenguinMcGuffin