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The Woodlands
This is a story about a pack of animals completely different from each other coming together to survive in the wilds of the woods. (thanks for the title! @Lightstriker195)
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a day in the life of a loser
This is basically my "diary" on Qfeast to tell everyone abt my day bc why not
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Friend's Story
I wrote a short little story for a friend about her OC and Dedan, so I'm just going to post this here- (ignore this pls)
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Qfeast Ships Fanfictions
I'm sorry, I have to do this... But honestly, I really want to. Just PM a ship. But if it gets annoying or out of control, I'm deleting it.
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Everyday Problems with...
This is basically stuff I HATE and DESPISE with a burning passion. Some of it you may not agree with, and that's okay, because OPINIONS. But if you want to argue, there's always your page you can rant on.
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Never (A Gackpoid x Kaito fanfiction) (1)
Gackpoid goes to college only to be caught up in a love triangle. While discovering who he is, he must also learn to embrace his talent. (Inspired by @Faded)
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Story For Halloween!
I wrote a story for Halloween, and it's only one chapter. :3 Sos, yeah. Happy Halloween!
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My "Lime"
[DISCLAIMER] Please, 13+. Read at your own risk! :3 And enjoy! This is a story about you and you get to choose your own paths! (BTW, a lime is my version on a lemon :3)
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My Personal Pet Peeves
This is a "book" about my pet peeves. I decided to make it because I want to tell people what I don't like. If I hurt anybody's feelings, I apologize in advance. So, I hope you learn more about me! ~Smiles~
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My FNaF Songs
My FNaF songs, so I guess I hope you enjoy it...so, yeah. Not sure what to put here...
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All of my OCs.
So, yeah. These are my OCs. I'm keeping track of them with this. If you want to read them, I don't care, go ahead. If you don't, I don't care. If you hate on them...I don't really care. And enjoy the Grell/Undertaker/Lau pictur...
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DHMIS Lyrics
So, like, yeah. I'm trying to memorize this for a talent show...and yeah. So here.
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