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Clawstar's moon (book 5) Duskrise
It has been a moon since Emberstar was exiled, Clawstorm and the other Riverclan cats are struggling to survive in starvation, Thornstar makes a choice between Nightfury and Lionmane, Bloodstripe is acting strange, Wrenfeather ...
22 reads 3 readers 10 by Clawdacat
Clawstar's moon (book 2) Darkness falls
It has been moons since Claw became an apprentice, she is Clawstorm now, a proud warrior of Riverclan, but someone is trying to kill her, she doesn't know who, her relationship grows with Nightfang and Troutshadow, Thornstrike ...
52 reads 6 readers 7 by Clawdacat
Clawstar's Moon (book 1) The new life
~this story takes place after the current era in the books~ Claw has always been a rogue, until she meets the clans, and everything changes, thrown into a world of battles, bloodshed, and hurt, will she find a way to survive?
72 reads 11 readers 17 by Clawdacat