About Neeneepapa_Otaku

  • Hello!
    I am Bekah! *not my real name at all*
    I love a lot of thing! I'm not making a list.

    Ok so apparently I am childish and annoying like supper so if you can't handle that please leave

    For all you haters of "crazy" or "weird" clingy people! Leave now plz ^_^ I will not expect your hatred.
    I love to rp. Along with the acational page or poll.
    I would love if I would get ideas for quizzes
    If you guve me any reason to dislike you then I may never forget it.
    But I like to help my friends.
    I do have normal problems like others but I'm used to being ignored unless I'm helping ^_^
    Well I'm no go at this bio stuff so BOI!!!!
  • Gender Female
  • Joined Qfeast on January 21, 2016