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Creepypasta Christmas!
Hey hey! It's Christmas! And why not celebrate it with the ones you know and love? Bring in your OCs, bring in regular Creepypastas and roleplay with a Christmas topic and spirit! We all love this time of year, and we all know ...
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This is a page to RolePlay on~ If you want to join ask to be a member and fill a fourm~!Make sure there isn't a lot of lovey dovey things, remember these are infamous murders were talking to and being. ENJOY~ Fourm- Name, Age...
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Ask and Dare the RFA members (Mystic Messenger~)!
Welcome to the page! You can ask the members of the RFA anything and give them any dare you can think of! Each of the members are a different character! Currently taken characters: Seven /Aka 707\ (myself {@AdorableNatsuDragio...
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Just chat about fnaf here (just the regular fnaf not the sister location -.-) and Aldo you can make other pages for or like this but be sure to credit me since I came up the idea ok? :3 ok see ya and have fun also if you want t...
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Photo Uploading Contest
Must be member to compete) I give a topic on something to upload, and let the best photo uploaded win! Best will become the page's picture. :3
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