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New Jersey girl
A girl... shattered dreams... life falling apart seems about right for this small town girl.
4 reads 4 readers 0 by MilkAndHoney
The death penalty
ADULT CONTANT This a story about a young girl on a murder spree with her boyfriend. There is eddsworld in this so yeah.
49 reads 20 readers 4 by MilkAndHoney
Soyez plus heureux
This a story series about oaky and her friends she oaky is 28 and lives with her four friends let’s see where story will take her
7 reads 4 readers 0 profile storyby MilkAndHoney
This not a story but please read
Just read this and find out what it is about ok ok je vais me couché à la tête du classement des plus belles choses qui me fait o
11 reads 10 readers 8 profile storyby MilkAndHoney
Eddsworld texts
This a story about Edd and his friends but his sister moves in and things change
22 reads 9 readers 2 profile storyby MilkAndHoney