je t'aime putain

This is a story about how a girl fell in love with the one person she probably shouldn’t have.

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chapter 1

     I walked into class on an average Friday not expecting anything big. Once our teacher walked in everyone quieted down and started to one by one look up at him.
     “Well class we have a new student today,” Mr. Johnson said Pointing to a girl sitting in one of the middle chairs in the back row. “This is Jeana.” I looked at her. She was in a baby blue shirt that had flowers on it with spaghetti straps for sleeves and ripped blue jeans. I was mesmerized by her short light brown hair and how it flowed so freely. Her makeup was beautiful even her eyeliner was winged perfectly.
     “Jeana would you like to introduce yourself to the class?” Mr. Johnson asked our new beauty. The whole class watched as she got up from her chair as I noticed a pansexual cuff. Was she? No she might have made not knowing what it meant.  
     “Hi I’m Jeana.” The whole class said “Hi Jeana” what the hell was this Alcoholics Anonymous? I started to grab at my cuff the one my brother made me when I came out as lesbian. Put my arm with my cuff on it on the back of my chair and rested my head on my hand so she would notice (hopefully)
     “I moved here from Minnesota with my family and I hope to get to know all of you.” She looked around the room and she eventually got to me. She looked at my cuff and smiled. She sat back down while I started turn around.
     Eventually the end of class came and I grabbed my hoodie from the chair and she walked up to me. Oh shit what do I do? That’s all I could think before she got to me
     “Hi I’m Jeana! What’s your name?” She grinned looking at my cuff again and I just fell apart.
     “Hi I’m Annalise.” I nodded back she just kept looking at my cuff so I casually said “Oh see you noticed my cuff. Yeah I’m a lesbian. My brother made it when I came out, like it?” She nodded back at me and showed me hers “yeah I’m pansexual and made this probably a year ago I think? I don’t remember haha”
     “Annalise!” I jumped up hearing Mr. Johnson scream my name. Everyone started to laugh. Was it a dream? I started to tear up. Why was it just a stupid ass dream?
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