New Jersey girl

A girl... shattered dreams... life falling apart seems about right for this big city girl.

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Hazle was at work she was stressed she looked from her bright ass screen to the clock “I’ll be late” she said rushing to get her work done when someone came behind her “AH” she screamed turning around to she her boss Sarah “hazle I’ll take over you go home” she was relieved to here that “thank you so very much!” Sarah just gave her a thumbs up as she grabbed her stuff and ran out. Her heals clacking against the concrete the rain splashing on the puddles it was not a good night in New Jersey. She rushed to the restaurant... he was there... but with someone else.. hazle felt it the rush of how could he do this to me and am i not enough she walked in and tapped him on the shoulder her hair... soaked. Her glasses... wet with both tears and rain. “Oh HEY!! What are you doing here?” She just couldn’t believe it that she couldn’t speak she pointed to this beautiful woman and the to her phone with text he sent then she ran for it...
Not a good night in New Jersey indeed

Hazle had spent the rest of her night on the couch thinking... ‘where did I go wrong?’ She turned looked at her phone and saw it was 11:00 at night she looked out her window a cat was there she was on the first floor so she saw animals all the time and this time it was sad and cold so she picked it up and brought inside her apartment. She checked it’s mated fur for ticks and other pesky bugs and then check to see it it was a boy or a girl ‘it’s a girl’ she thought to herself “I’ll name you Oreo” hazle made her newest kitten a fort and went into the bathroom to take a shower. When she got out Oreo was waiting for her outside the door so hazle got dressed and layed her on her fort and got on the couch. Soon Oreo got up and sat next to the couch looking at hazle. She picked Oreo up and set her next to her as of then Oreo crawled in her lap and fell asleep. Hazle pet her kitten and watched this last episode of her show. Soon after she picked up Oreo and carried her in her room where she set down Oreo on her fort and soon fell asleep after.
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