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Have you ever had an encounter with the police?
Have you ever had to talk to a police officer because you either did something bad, or you got involved in drama? If so then you can write it in the comments
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If you got a note from Slendy would you go?
If slendy requested you to go to the slender woods and become a creepypasta, would you go? You would have to leave your family and friends behind. Would you risk that?
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Whens ur bday?
idk why but i wanna know peoples bdays so- XD
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If you consider yourself as my friend whats ur name?
If you're my friend I wanna know like ur name or like what to call you- as like a nickname-
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If you could date any creepypasta who would it be?
Which cp would you date if you could choose?
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Who's your fav creepypasta?
Who's your fav cp? I know them, and if you comment your fav ill tell you how they are really like!^^
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