Chapter Twelve; Seeing Her Broken
When we walked in my heart dropped. Caitlin was breathing heavily; her shirt was lying on the bedside table but she was covered by a thin white sheet. I took her hand "Hey babe, they told us you'd be just fine." i smiled weakly as she nodded. "Yeah.... They stuck a large metal thing in me and I was sure I was dead!!" she giggled. Niall walked up to her and kissed her cheek "I'm so sorry Caitlin, I was supposed to protect you and I couldn't." she met his eyes sharply. "Niall it wasn't your fau...
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Chapter Eleven; Dinner & The Main Event
Louis's P.O.V.
I looked around the table again nervously; i just felt like something was wrong. Caitlin leaned closer to me and whispered "Lou, what's wrong? You've barely talk or ate at all." I patted her knee where my hand was "Nothing babe." she reclutently accepted my answer as Niall volenteered our table to sing. I wasn't in the mood but I knew everyone would be asking questions if i didn't sing with them. I knew Caitlin had a beautiful voice but when Niall made her do the solo in the so...
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Chapter Ten; Let's Meet And Greet
Chapter Ten; Let's Meet And Greet
Samantha^^^Also Alice but Alice has shorter hair and green eyes
I've got a question for all the people reading... Who's team are you on Lou's? Harry's? Or another guy?? CAN'T BE NIALL
Caitlin's P.O.V
Four days later
I pushed off my bed and answered the door. My hand wrapped tighter around my towel. "NIALL!!" "CAITLIN YOU'RE NAKED!!!" I slamed the down and fell on my floor laughing. "Get dressed Caitlin!!" Niall was laughing to. I slipped on my red shorts and a blue shirt that said 'To Infinte...
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I'm Just Another Friend
THIS IS A LOUIS TOMLISON LOVE SOTRY!!!! Caitlin and Louis know each other because she's Niall's cousin (fiction just deal with it) he's always thought of her as a little sisteror so she thought but she's always liked him. Wha...
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