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Meeting Aphrodite
I slump down deeper in my bed. Nico is asleep, and I'm bored out of my mind. I get up and shake him.

"Whaaaaaat?" he groans. He rolls over so I can see his face. "I need to talk to you." I say. He grunts and rolls back over. "About what?" "A prophecy."

Nico bolts upright. "Is it about you?" he asks. I slowly nod. "But it didn't even rhyme!" I complain. Nico laughs. "Do you remember it?" he asks. I nod.

"Huntress of Artemis, onto this quest, conquering things, like seeing real death. Six ot...
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How well do you know HoO/Pjo?
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The Prophecy
I laugh at Percy. He slipped on water, the water that he sprayed everywhere, and fell. He picks himself up and smiles at me. "You wanna know who you remind me of a bit?" he asks. I nod.

"Thalia Grace." I jump up. "I know Thalia! She's Artemis's best lieutenant!" We laugh together and Annabeth walks in.

"Hey guys. You should come get some breakfast before its all gone. Oh, and Sylv, Artemis and the Huntresses are waiting outside to say goodbye to you." Sylv is my new nickname.

I grab my m...
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The Arrow of Artemis
My name is Sylvia Goldberg. I go to a special camp in New York called Camp Half Blood. I'm a daughter of Hades, even though I don't look like one with my bright blonde hair and olive skin tone. I became a Huntress about two mon...
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The Lost Hero or Son of Neptune
The Lost Hero
Son of Neptune
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