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Spike's teenage life
here you go spike! a story about your teenage life! enjoy! this story will be all about spikes teenage life!
69 reads 28 readers 10 by XxApple_JackxX
Weird but true facts!
Wanna know some weird but true facts, like: Some wildflowers smell like chocolate or weird facts about vending machines? Well then, better check this story out! I will be posting weird and random facts whenever I can, so please...
518 reads 74 readers 33 by Beauty784
I'm Alejandro, I'm a dog, I'm a Doberman, I'm 2 years old, anything else you need to know? Anyway, this is my diary. You'll find out some interesting things about me, but you can't tell anybody about the plan, got it? Read on...
15 reads 10 readers 7 by xKearax
35 Facts You Didnt Know!
This is just a random story i am making! If it gets good ratings, i might make another one! Hahaha see if you like it!
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